Surf Snowdonia successfully produces first test wave July 16 2015

The Surf Snowdonia Project has been one of the most interesting recent developments in the UK surf scene in recent years. Its unique artificially generated waves potentially change the way that people can enjoy the sport and make the introduction to surfing far less reliant on our unpredictable UK weather patterns.

Since its conception there has been much online discussion about the project. Mostly positive and encouraging, some less so, but today the team responsible can take some comfort in the fact that the first test wave to be generated produced its expected results.

There's a link to and image here:

Seems like everything went as expected. Good to see things working out. Hopefully the next two weeks of perfecting the wave can produce results that will please surfers of all abilities. Exciting times at Dolgarrog!


If all goes to plan the opening date is expected to be 1st August 2015. Book early folks :-)