Had enough of the British Winter? Then try some Moroccan Magic! February 12 2014

Winter Sun Surfing

Once upon a time warm surfing destinations were accessible only to the most adventurous and wealthiest surfers. But not anymore! The worlds a smaller place and warm water surfing really is achievable on a budget if you hook up with the right company.

There are two excellent surf schools here in Mid Wales, and over the bleak winter months one of them migrates to the warm waters of Morocco to offer surfers of all levels a seriously bargain break from the British winter and offer quality surfing instruction to individuals and groups of all abilities with the emphasis being on safety and fun.

Why chose Morocco?

North Africa offers a coastline producing some of the most consistent good quality surf in the world, suitable for all ranges of abilities from the absolute beginner to the most advanced surfers... and all at low holiday prices you just cant find in Europe. Combine with that a mix of stunning location and a sense of relaxation in your down time and you’ve got a winning combination.

With many years experience in providing Moroccan surf trips WalkinOnWater have located themselves in the small fishing village of Taghazoute located 18km north of Agadir. Accommodation is literally a stone’s throw from one of the finest surfing beaches in Morocco.

Taghazoute has been a treasured surf destination since the 1970’s and fortunately has kept its paradise-like atmosphere and WalkinOnWater have been fortunate enough to establish close local links through the surf school, coast care and local surf development programs.

Taghazoute offers a variety of beach breaks, reefs and point breaks to suit every surfer. Reliable North Westerly swells produce some very consistent 3-15ft surf. This is one of the best locations in North Africa.

Typically, after surfing in comfortable water temperatures with the glorious African sun on your back, to the backdrop of the Atlas Mountains, you can relax on your terrace overlooking a white sandy beach with the occasional camel passing by or enjoy the vibrancy that Taghazoute has to offer. Local food is fantastically tasty and ridiculously cheap.

Why book through WalkinOnWater?

Highly experienced and UK qualified instructors with a wealth of local knowledge will look after you and take the stress away of booking a warm destination memorable foreign surf trip.

Individuals, or groups can be catered for, and packages are tailored to suit the needs of the individual surfers. Packages can include surf tuition or simply be on an accommodation only basis. Whatever your needs, WalkinOnWater will construct and deliver an experience of a lifetime

So if you think you’ve had enough of this terrible British winter weather then why not think about joining the guys from WalkinOnWater and experience Moroccan hospitality and culture, while basking in the North African winter sun on a surfing holiday you’ll never forget!

With exceptional value for money when staying in Morocco and flights at ridiculously low prices there has never been a better time to leave this cold weather behind!

To give you an idea of cost, you can expect to pay only £200 for one week’s accommodation and surf lessons! [Excludes flights]

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