Stormrider Hoodie Marl Grey


Add a touch of class to your wardrobe with this awesome Stormrider Hoodie, which has been hand finished in deepest darkest Aberystwyth in Wales, UK. Each one is lovingly carried to our local printer... by hand!..... and shipped to you in ultra fast fashion wherever you live in the world. So whether you studied in Aberystwyth University back in the day and need an Aber fix, or just want a unique garment from the only true adventure sports shop in Mid Wales, then this is the Hoodie for you.

If you need a bit of lightweight warmth and don’t want the cumbersome fit of a coat or jacket, zipped hoodies provide the perfect solution. Easily worn as a top layer over t-shirts and shirts, these versatile garments are often the outerwear of choice for people on the move. With kangaroo pockets for storage and drawstring adjusters on the hood for a cozy fit, these Stormrider Hoodies have been designed with your comfort and convenience in mind.

Grey Zip Through Hoodie

Large Stormrider Logo on Sleeve and Back, Small Logo on Chest, Small AberAdventure Logo on Sleeve.

Zip Through design

Drawcord hood

Heavyweight fabric

Care instructions:

We dont do irons... leave them well alone.... lifes too short for irons. Warm wash hang it up. :-)

Wear With Pride And Enjoy The Ride


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